API Integration for VASP Providers

Get Started with VASP API

Exclusive Access for Eligible VASPs: VASP API is designed specifically for Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs). If your organization meets these criteria, you are invited to request access to VASP API. Simply fill out the request form with your organization's details for a swift review and approval process. Once approved, we will provide you with your unique API key and comprehensive integration guidelines.

Comprehensive Documentation for Easy Integration

Access Detailed Guides: You can find VASP section in the API documentation. It covers everything from initial setup to advanced features, ensuring a smooth integration process for your team.

Integration Steps

1. Authenticate Your Access: Learn how to authenticate using your API key, ensuring secure access to Ping services.
2. Handling Responses: API documentation includes detailed information on handling various responses and errors, preparing you for every scenario.
3. Going Live: Once you're comfortable in the test environment, follow the guidelines to switch to the production environment.

Request access

Click on the button below to open your email client and contact Ping support department. Please attach all necessary documentation verifying your status as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP). Once we receive your information, we will initiate the eligibility verification process.