About us

Ping is the first exchange to fully utilize the blockchain potential thanks to its unique features, such as CorePass, unique HD wallets, and the Settlement platform.

Ping takes away your worries about volatility, because your funds can be cleared within minutes (blockchain verification) and daily traders can utilize all stable structures. The hybrid nature is also best illustrated through its state-of-the-art global compliance processes that screen users for Know-Your-Customer, Combating-the-Financing-of-Terrorism, and Anti-Money-Laundering risks.


CorePass is your lightning-fast, super-secure master key for getting online, getting verified, and getting busy.

HD wallets

Core HD wallets are the best of their kind, as they are the most state-of-the-art deterministic wallets in the world.

Settlement platform

Ping has integrated a settlement platform that allows clients all over the world to clear funds in ~42 seconds.

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Blockchain hub

Blockchain Hub is a civic association that focuses on blockchain technology, education, and spreading awareness.


Become a part of our team! If you think you got what it takes and want to shape the course of the future with us, do not hesitate to contact us!

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