Ambassador Guide

Introduce Ping to your community and become an ambassador to our platform! Through an easy process, you can introduce the exchange to your audience to help them discover wealth management in a worldwide Blockchain-powered ecosystem and collect Core Tokens together.

The Steps You Need to Take.

  • First, you need to sign up by filling in the application form below.

  • After your application has been approved, you can invite your community to join Ping Exchange through a generated link.

  • Lastly, you will get an ambassador reward every time your followers make a transaction.

How Does It Work?

Ping’s unique algorithm allows for earning Core Tokens while trading. The process is simple:

  • When your followers create an account using your invitation link, both you and they earn rewards with every market trade they initiate.

  • 25% of the price they pay gets converted into Core Token, which then gets split between you and your follower as a reward.

  • 20% of the fee price gets sent to your account and 5% gets sent to your follower’s account.

  • If your followers invite a friend to join Ping through our Referral program, you’ll receive 3% of their fees, paid for each of their transactions.

Make sure to let your followers know about this wonderful opportunity of earning rewards together.

LevelLevel 1
Base Ambassador rate25%
Rate produced by the Market maker5%
Rate received by Ambassador20%
LevelLevel 2
Base community rate25%
Community (referral friends + market maker)17 + 5%
Rate received by Ambassador3%